| Blair Mirau for Prince Rupert City Council

It's time for insight, passion, and results.

This campaign is the time for us to redefine what success looks like for Prince Rupert.

I have a vision that Prince Rupert can be the economic, environmental, and social leader of Northwest British Columbia within the decade. We already have the pieces in place to be successful: we have an environment worth protecting, a multicultural and diverse population, and a solid economic foundation upon which we can build.

But the only thing standing in our way is City Hall.

Success is not defined by annual tax hikes and service reductions.

Success is learning from and applying proven models and best practices.

It's not time to lock the doors to make every decision. It's time to open the conversation and open City Hall for business.

I have a plan to redefine success by preparing for growth, unlocking accountability, and driving efficiency. Join me on November 15th to vote for a new vision for success.

Blair Mirau for Prince Rupert City Council
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